I am Ali Farahani. I have born in snowy autumn 32 years ago in Arak. When I was a child, my father had a computer in his office. I had enjoyed so much by working and playing with its program. He saw my energy and bought a PC for me and my brother.

From that moment I started to consider the computer as my friend and from then till now this friendship lasts.

I had eager for learning computer programming, I  wrote my first game when I was 12 years old and also I had the experience of working with so many programming languages even before I have entered the university.

I got my BsC. degree in Software engineering from SBU university, I have entered MsC. at shahid beheshti university in Information Technology engineering without taking an exam. because I have ranked as a 5% top student in my BsC. carrier.

I have started my Ph.D. in Information Technology Engineering at the university which I have a feeling for (SBU). Co-funding a laboratory at SBU about a self-* systems drove me into a new era of my academic life. I have collected lots of astonishing experiences like teaching and student supervising at that time.

For a short-term research I went to UNIMORE (Italy) but it last about a year and it has a tremendous outcome for me. 2 journals and 3 conferences have been published there.

Whit in a year after my return, I have finished my Ph.D. and started working as a professional systems developer in a big company named SADAD. We were developing an e-banking solution for the biggest bank in Iran with more than 50 million users. After a while, I felt that I need to continue to work in academical environment and because of that I applied and got accepted in one the best possible choices for me (background-wise).

Nowadays, I am spending my life as a researcher at SPARE group at Lero (Irish research Center).